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Upholstery Cleaning in Los Angeles 101

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If you have upholstered furniture, you might want to call a service that does upholstery cleaning in Los Angeles.

Hire a Pro For Upholstery Cleaning in Los Angeles

Get Professional Upholstery Cleaning in Los Angeles | (310) 545-8750

Get Professional Upholstery Cleaning in Los Angeles | (310) 545-8750

Upholstery cleaning keeps up the appearance as well as durability of your furniture.  Upholstered furniture plays a vital part in the interior design and overall appearance of your home, but it’s one of the most used items, especially if you have kids, pets or you frequently host family, friends and relatives. Up to 80% of dust and dirt brought into your home can end up in your upholstered furniture, and overtime, the dirt, dust, stain etc can make it look tired and dingy.

Frequent upholstery cleaning is recommended in order to remove dirt, dust, pet odor, stubborn stains, germs, and make your furniture look new again. Cleaning also improves your home’s air quality. While you can always tackle some furniture upholstery cleaning on your own,there are times when it’s best to contact an expert. Here are the main reasons why you should consider hiring a professional upholstery cleaning service.

  1. Manufacturers Recommend Pro Cleaning

Most furniture that requires high maintenance comes with strict recommendations for professional cleaning in the terms and conditions of your warranty card. These warranties feature an escape clause that protects the manufacturer if the upholstered furniture is improperly cleaned.  If you hire an upholstery cleaning service, however, you not only honor the terms of your warranty, you get a new look for your furniture at the same time.

Los Angeles Upholstery Cleaning Services Keeps You In Good With Your Warranty

A certified professional upholstery cleaning service in Los Angeles is best suited to handle and clean your furniture since a do it yourself cleaning can invalidate the warranty. You should always read over your warranty paperwork and determine if the manufacturer recommends professional cleaning. If that is  so, discuss the warranty with the experts you have hired before they can start their work since there maybe extra steps that they will have to take in order to maintain your warranty.

  1. Proper Cleaning Methods

Upholstery fabric is made from different types of natural and man made fibers which have specific cleaning requirements. For example, silk is extremely touchy and high alkaline cleaning solutions may damage the material, water may cause stretching, bleach can dissolve the fibers and low levels of salt can cause discoloration and splitting. Generally, improper cleaning methods can cause fading, shrinking, bleaching, yellowing, browning, stretching or texture distortion.

So remember, new furniture is expensive, upholstery cleaning isn’t.  So call a licensed upholstery cleaning service in Los Angeles.

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