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Wood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood Flooring Can Last Forever

The rich and beautiful look of a hardwood floor can last forever if it is properly maintained.  Hardwood floors are one of the easiest flooring solutions to care for.  But lack of proper maintenance and heavy use can leave wear patterns and damage some hardwood floors.

Morris Cleaning & Restoration uses a dust free hardwood restoration process to remove scratches and blemishes to restore it right back to new again.

Our dust free hardwood floor process is designed to clean, repair and refinish your hardwood back to a beautiful and new appearance. We recommend a maintenance schedule of every 1-3 years, depending on the use and how much traffic your hardwood floors are subjected to.
An easy way to tell if your hardwood floor needs to be restored is to look at the finish.  If it appears dull or even scratched, it’s time to begin the restoration process. Part of the hardwood restoration process is to repair gouges and deep scratches and separation between the wood planks. An easy way to tell is if cleaning no longer restores your floors to an acceptable appearance.

On hardwood floors that are left damaged, the finish can be worn away, leaving the hardwood exposed to losing the stain color ad damage to the wood itself.  In these case, extensive restoration like sanding, restaining and refinishing  techniques are required to restore the original beauty.


Beside being expensive, the process takes time and can be inconvenient.  Such heavy restoration takes its toll on a hardwood floor as most will only withstand a couple of treatments like this.  Eventually the wood veneer is completely sanded off and the floor will need to be removed and reinstalled. It actually saves money to properly care for and maintain your hardwood floors.

Our process is totally dustless. You won’t be left cleaning the dust for months because of a normal sanding process that some companies use.

Our process is completely odorless and non-toxic. You won’t need to leave the premises or interrupt your business because of harmful fumes commonly associated with hardwood floor refinishing.


Our process dries in 1 hour. With socks or stockings on, you can begin to walk on the floor very soon after we are finished. Sofas, chars and other furniture can be replaced in only 4 hours and area carpets or rugs after 12 hours or so.  After 24 hours, your new hardwood finish is dry and ready for use.


Hardwood Floor Care Tips

  • Use  walk-off mats to trap dirt at all exterior doors
  • Periodically move area rugs and drape or cover large window to prevent direct strong sunlight that could cause fading of the hardwood stain
  • Apply felt or fabric pads to the legs of your chairs and furniture to prevent scratches
  • Vacuum or dust your wood floor daily
  • Immediately clean up food and liquid spills with a damp cloth.  Spils left on the surface can damage some inferior finished hardwood floors
  • Do not use soaps.  Soap leave residues that create issues.  Use cleaner that are made for wood floors and cleaning wood surfaces

Call today and discover how simple, affordable and convenient we make hardwood floor refinishing.  310-545-8750

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